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AtroGuard was specifically developed to combine both the natural wood aspect and base of laminate and the water resistance of Vinyl into one truly multi-functional natural wood fiber core floor.



Atroguard Introduction

Lamett unique decor designs developed in-house have patents registered by the State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C. guaranteeing invention and ownership to Lamett and protecting them from infringement.
You will find these designs nowhere else!

Perfect for any room including wet rooms!

Fit for any room of the house and even commercial areas.

Scratch, Impact & Stain Resistant

Abrasion can be an undesirable effect of long term exposure to daily stress put on the floor and can be measured with the internationally recognized AC scale. Atroguard all in AC4, the highest levels on the scale!

Installation Over Large Areas

AtroGuard can be installed over 4x the area vs. a standard laminate without transitions, making your floor much more aesthetic but also easier and less time consuming to install!
Minimum number of revolutions on a Taber ® abraser before piercing through the wear layer

International AC Abrasion Scale

Abrasion Class
According to:
BS EN 13329:2006+A1:2008 (EU Standard)
NALFA/ANSI LF-01-2008 (US Standard)
Levels of Use
*AC3 laminate may also be suitable for small commercial areas such as small offices, small shops etc. Contact your local dealer for more information.

AtroGuard can be installed over consuming to install! 4x the area vs. a standard laminate without transitions, making your floor much more aesthetic but also easier and less time

Moldings are usually needed every 10m(33ft)
AtroGuard can be installed over 20m (66ft) without ANY transition moldings!

High Densify SureCore

AtroGuard’s SureCore high density baseprovides a 60% more stable core thanstandard laminate floors* *Compared to U.S.A. standard NALFA/ANSI LF-01-2008

Extra Tight Locking System

AtroGuard’s extra tight click systemallows an easy “fold down”installation. Drop the plank and gently press down the end with a rubber mallet so it firmly locks into place.

Pattern Variation

Thanks to its lamination process, when a standard laminate floor has about 12 different plank designs within one product, Lamett has as much as 48 , making repeats impossible to spot. A real hardwood look.
Taking a 6m² surface as reference, when a standard European or Chinese laminate has 12 to 16 different plank visuals, a Lamett product will have up to 48 different visuals, giving your laminate floor the true real wood look of a real hardwood floor.
The same Lamett laminate is sold worldwide, complying to the strictest regulations in terms of Volatile Organic Compound emissions. Anthropogenic Volatile Organic Compound (harmful to the environment and humans) contained in household products are numerous, the most famous being formaldehyde because of its presence in most products using glue. We strive to only develop products guaranteed safe and clean for the indoor environments.

Want to see our local & international certifications ? click here.



 AtroGuardStandard LaminateStandard LVT Glue DownStandard LVT Click
Rigid: Install with Minimal Subfloor Preparation
Can install in full Baths,Kitchens & Basements!
Very stable to temperature and humidity variations
Highly Scratch resistant
Fast & Easy Installation
Install up to 20m-66ft hout moldings
High Number of Visuals
Enhanced Bevels for a Real Wood Feel
Contains 0% plastic Elements
Sound absorbent