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Be inspired by Lamett – How to take beautiful pictures


Lamett, as your flooring specialist, will give you some advice on how to take the best-looking product, project or room pictures.

For close-up best way is always to have a minimum of 4 planks, take the picture at angle so you can always show off our beautifully unique surfaces and bevels.

More interesting even, when it comes to project and room pictures please check below tips:

1-     Always opt for subtle decoration, no French Renaissance decoration but simple flowers or candles, focus on nicely colour-matched decoration, nice modern furniture and tasteful paint,…

2-     Always opt for nice subtle lighting, even though it is usually easier to use artificial light as this is more controllable when taking pictures.

3-     Always showcase your choice of flooring in at least 40% to 50% of the picture.

4-     You should always take the picture at the perfect angle allowing you to show off our unique visuals: texture on the floor visible bevels and correct ratios.

5-     For a longer room picture effect, you always put your camera on the floor and take the shot that way.

Let’s congratulate our dealers and brand ambassadors and have a look at our nicest shops and projects in the world.  













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