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Flooring Care in Summer


We always spend a lot of time when buying flooring, but the maintenance for flooring tends to be neglected, with time flooring will lose in quality with shrinkage, cracks…

Now, the hottest summer is coming: excessive sunlight, temperature and moisture are only a few of the factors that might damage your flooring, so more attention should be paid to the maintenance of the flooring. Here is our flooring specialist’s advice:


Keep regular ventilation in summer, especially for the room no one lives in

2. Avoid direct sunlight

A big killer for flooring is the sunshine in summer. The continuous high temperature will easily cause the flooring to shrinkage or to crack. You can install thicker and opaque curtains to avoid the solarization of the flooring.

3. Control indoor temperature

The windows should be often opened for ventilation or indoor temperatures can be reduced through air conditioning. However, try not to let it blow directly to the flooring to prevent too much drying of the floor.

4. Humidify indoor air moderately

The air might become very dry as it is always sunny, so you should use a humidifier to humidify indoor air, preventing flooring from cracking.

On the other hand, during summer some areas suffer from rainy seasons, humidity where excessive moisture will encourage the growth of bacteria

5. Close windows when wet weather and use the dehumidifying equipment.

A de-humidifier will absorb the moisture in the air and help maintain a more agreeable indoor humidity level for your floors (40-65%). This will help minimize the risk of floor warping.

6. Clean flooring as soon as possible.

Always keep your floors dry and clean. Don’t use wet mop or alkaline water or suds to clean floor.

7. Clean your floors regularly using a dry mop or a vaccum cleaner.

Don’t use damp cloths to clean.

Choose Lamett NovoCore or Atroguard, say bye bye to these troubles!

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