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Installation tips by Lamett


How can you get the best visual result when installing flooring? Lamett gives you their pointers. 

Choosing right plank: the reason why it is so important is that it will give your flooring a more natural look and will ensure good color and shade mixture. This is why we advise to always install from at least 3 boxes ensuring the best visual possible.


Plank Direction: For a better look, the long side of the planks must be installed parallel to the main light direction coming from the window. As for corridors, install the long side parallel to the longest wall. 

For Herringbone installations in fishbone pattern, the planks need to be installed in the direction of the main entrance of the room.


For a more natural and authentic style, the planks must be installed randomly. Random installation creates a comfortable and balanced look. It is also easier to install. Staggering ends 25-30cm produces a random, natural, and dynamic pattern.

The staggering installation will be even more visible if you use the remaining cut part of the last plank from a previous row to start the next row. Not only will it create a real random installation effect but it will help you reduce the waste.

You must be very attentive to staggering the ends of the boards from 25 to 30cm. The distance between two ends should NEVER be under 15cm. This will help ensure a more favorable overall appearance of the floor. Also avoid staggering the rows uniformly to prevent stair-stepping.


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