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Ocean Bed

Promotions P854 Ocean Bed

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length : 1215mm
width : 125mm
thickness : 12mm


8 Pieces/Box


1.216 m²/box


13.851 kg/box
Surface : Brushed
Gloss : Low gloss
AC rating : AC4
bevel : 4V-edge colored bevel
Installation : Floating
Compatiable with heating : Yes
Technical specification
Density 920 kg/m³
Fire resistance Cfl-s1
Formaldehyde Emission E1
PCP ≤ 1ppm
Thermal conductivity 0.14W/m.k
Surface soundness ≥ 1.00 N/mm2
Impact resistance IC2
Safe Moisture Level 4-10%



As particles of dirt and grit left behind can damage the surface of the floor,clean your floor regularly
with a vacuum cleaner or a soft broom.

Remove stains immediately with a well-wrung cloth. Worn-in stains are difficult to remove.

Never use too much water when mopping; instead use a well-wrung floor cloth.

After washing allow your floor the time to dry.

Do not wait until the varnish layer loses its shine. We recommend regularly applying a new layer of
polish like Bona Wood Floor Polish Mat.


Place small carpets or rugs on high-traffic areas.This will avoid scratches.

Place doormats at exterior doors, to reduce the amount of dirt coming in.

Place beige, felt floor protectors under chair and table legs. Do not use colored floor protectors!

Avoid wearing damaged or worn stiletto heels.
Place a protective mat under chairs with wheels.

Place a protective dish under flowerpots.

Do not drag heavy objects across the floor; lift them up to avoid scratches.

Use floor protectors and furniture legs/castors with a large ground surface to limit the impact of heavy


Avoid excessive wet mopping or cleaning with pure water.

Be careful with open windows - a rain shower can damage the floor.


Never use maintenance products that contain wax: these will form an unwanted oily layer on the floor.

This layer of wax will result in adhesion problems the next
time you treat the floor.

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Product features

Wear resistance
Abrasion can be an undesirable effect of long term exposure to daily stress put on the floor and can be measured with the internationally recognized AC scale. Our floors all exceed either AC3 or AC4, some of the highest levels on the scale!
Easy Maintenance Use
Your Lamett laminate floor will keep looking great for years to come. They are much easier to maintain than a lot of wood products found on the market as they require no sanding, staining or other frequent flooring treatments. All Lamett laminate flooring are compatible with floor heating (refer to installation tips for requirements).
Our laminate decorative paper and overlay make its surface non-porous, leaving no holes or cracks for bacteria to hide in. Lamett laminate flooring has been extensively tested for anti-microbial activity.
Surface Synchronizing
The remarkable precision of the embossing technology used infuses the natural look of wood with depth and texture.
Extra Stable Core
We make the choice of high density fiber boards (HDF) which use high value softwoods with long fibers like pine or spruce in the production of the base. This is necessary to obtain a higher density and enhanced resistance to swelling, making our core 25% more stable than required by Western standards

Purchasing notes


Your packaging:

Buying process

  • Select your product
  • Measure your room surface
  • Place your order
  • Double check packing, product and quantities upon reception
  • Confirm reception

Methods of measurement

  • 1.Prepare the measure instruments.

  • 2.Measure the length of the room.

  • 3.Measure the width of the room.

  • 4.Calculate

Please fill the blank with your room size:

Room length X Room width X 110%(10% emergency quantuty) =

Room length X Room width X 110%(10% emergency quantuty) =

Room length X Room width X 110%(10% emergency quantuty) =


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1.Any measure tools is applicable for the rooms,it all depends on what you have at home and which one is more convenient. But if you have dealers nearby,you can call them and ask them to come and measure it by professional tools, then place your order. It is much more easy and time saving for you.

2.We advise to plan 10% extra flooring than the surface of your room for trimming around walls,pillars or very heavy furniture (eg: if the room is 50m²,plan 55m² of flooring).


Dear customer,we appreciate your purchase and we only want to give you the best delivery service possible. You will be able to chose to be delivered at ageneral warehouse or at your front door,and you will be able to track your order thanks to this tracking system.
Please note that as your flooring specialist we ensure the purchased products are loaded in good condition,however please make sure to carefully inspect every single box of your products before signing and therefore accepting the order.
Please pay special attention to the extra costs for special regions.


For an optimal installation of your new Lamett flooring please follow our installation guidelines. Read more


As flooring experts Lamett will assist in the events of a claim. If you have received damaged or incorrect products please find the details on procedures and warranties here.


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